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I suppose it's best to start at the beginning. My name is Elanna Forsythe George. I am a thirty-six year old Forensic Scientist with the city of New York. I specialize in what people like to call 'Cold Cases.' It sounds romantic, like it's all X-Files or CSI but I won't kid you - it's not a big unit, but it isn't Maulder and Sculley's dingy dungeon either. The cases come to us a few years after high-powered investigations, police and court proceedings have failed and there is a dead end. After that it isn't the case of no one having money to continue investigations. It's the case of there is just no evidence to be had. By the time a case hits my desk, some people are willing to try anything - even contacting the JoJo Psychics and various Channelers. But there isn't a police officer that knows what to do with that kind of information. They don't have the touch and feel. And they don't know that I have. The people I work with in my unit are what Captains on the regular force call 'renegades and wierdos.' I joined because, like them, I don't follow rules and I don't much like working with people who do.